About Us

As lovers of dogs of all breeds, we’ve never been able to resist a cold snout or warm fur. We’ve always found ourselves going out of our way to pet a random doggo or tickle the tummy of an adorable pup. It’s a passion we’re proud and eager to share. But it’s also a passion that led us to more money on low-quality dog accessories and clothing than we would like to admit. How cute are pugs when their pink belly pokes out of their sweater? It gets less cute as an owner when you realize the sweater won’t last a week.

Believing our dog-loving peers have experienced the same disappointment, we established Toggy Doggy to give dog owners a trustworthy alternative, bridging the gap between affordable and high-quality. Our goal is to become the number one online source for exceptionally made dog clothing and accessories. With all of our products we keep style, practicality, affordability, uniqueness above all else. With our products, you get cute, high-quality sweaters, jackets, coats, booties, collars, leashes and more that you can be sure none of your neighbors are likely to have for their dog. Our products are far from average, so you won’t be matching your neighbor who shops at the same pet store. Even pups don’t want those fashion faux pas.  

At Toggy Doggy, you’re guaranteed to enjoy a streamlined and secure purchasing process while shopping for next season’s best dog apparel, clothing, and accessories. We couple a great selection of winter, summer, and holiday dog sweaters, jackets, coats, dresses, socks, booties and casual wear with a set of customer care techniques that are sure to set a new standard for the industry. We want you to see us as your dog-loving friends and your main source of canine clothing. Therefore, our promise to you (and your furry family members) is that we will never sell a single product that compromises your dog’s health or your wallet.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or compliments about us or our products, then we invite you to contact us. We promise a prompt and friendly response delivered by a dog-loving team member.